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Nanocrystalline BISMUTH TITANATE, oxide link 1, oxide link 2

Bismuth Titanate (Bi3Ti4O12, density 8.04 gm/cc) is potentially useful for device application because of its relatively high dielectric constant, high Curie temperature and high breakdown strength.


Cenogen has indigenously developed and patented process for  synthesizing nanocrystalline bismuth titanate  powders and is involved in commercializing of the same.

Bismuth-Titanium alloys are relatively non- toxic in nature.

Hence they are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic products.


Figure 4.6 Bright field TEM micrographs of Bi3.5Nd0.5Ti3O12 nanopowders calcined for 1 h in air at (a) 550oC and (b) selected area diffraction pattern of the powders calcined at 550°C using acetic acid.