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NANOCRYSTALLINE HYDROXYAPATITE (HAP) , a bioactive and biocompatible material, is used as bone substitute material, in drug delivery systems and for coatings on implantable fixation devices in orthopedic, dental and other applications. We have developed a new, efficient and cheap method for producing nanopowders of hydroxyapatite. The invention is capable of bringing a revolutionary change in biomedical materials market and of generating significant financial benefits to the user.

Egoma’s mission is to provide “Nano-crystallized synthetic bone graft substitutes” for the surgeries related to reconstruction and augmentation of bony structures and for bone loss caused by trauma or any other reason. This will be biocompatible, bioactive and highly affordable to the patients. Incorporation of our synthetic bone graft in surgeries will reduce the double pain caused due to usage of use auto grafts where the healing period is prolonged and also an extra operating site gets created on the patient’s body.

EGOMA-GRAFT POWDER  :Synthetic bone graft powder


EGOMA-ORTHO COATING POWDER : Bio-active material for coatings on

Orthopedic and Dental Implants