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Grinding Solutions

EGOMA provides “Advanced High Energy Planetary Ball Mill” and other nanomaterials processing equipment of international standards.Read More..

High Energy Planetary Mill

Why does every one talk about "Planetary Ball Mill"? How it is different from "Ball Mill"?

Ball mill is usually a cylindrical drum like assembly filled with grinding balls and material(s) which require grinding. This arrangement provides limited impact and shear energy inside mill due to its limited rotational speed and cylinder diameter. To attain finer grinding, one can increase the diameter of the cylindrical drum only within the practical and economical limits. Increasing rotational speed beyond will make material inside the mill stick to the inner wall.

Planetary Ball mill is a unique kind of setup which provides more rigorous grinding environment than ball mill, resulting in much finer powder as output. In this setup, cylindrical ball mill also rotates about another axis parallel its own axis. These rotations can be linked, independent of each other and can have the same or opposite spin. Most common milling parameters for such grinding apparatus are: jar rotation speed, sun disk rotation speed, transmission ratio, rotation orientation, milling environment, jar lining material and grinding media. EGOMA is showcasing specially designed ADVANCE HIGH ENERGY PLANETARY BALL MILL. Special features and excellent outcome in terms of nano grinding have been reported in several internal journals and few post graduate and doctoral degrees have been awarded utilizing the uniqueness of this machine.

This grinding machine enables user to interact with its special features and grind his desired materials to nano-range. The machine allows its application in several industries including powder metallurgy, cutting tools, aerospace industries and many other manufacturing industries.

EGOMA is introducing 3 verticals of planetary nano-grinding equipment which is also known as ADVANCE HIGH ENERGY PLANETARY BALL MILL. It is revolutionary in its grinding capabilities. It is the most accurate grinding machine suitable for reducing micron sized particles to nano-size powder. Varieties of materials can be reduced in size in this mill. Not only size reduction, it is possible to produce nano materials of absolutely new characteristics by Reaction Millingin in these grinding equipment. Rich intermetallics and biomaterials are examples of such kind. All models of this category are having controlled atmosphere grinding for Dry/ Wet/ Vacuum- Reducing- Oxidizing- Inert atmosphere grinding in the three pillars in nano-grinding that we introduce to you: ERA, AURIGA and FORNAX.

Keeping in mind the expensive nature and availability of pure chemicals/materials, volume and milling parameters have been chosen for classification of these grinding systems. In simple words, ERA corresponds to our smallest model and FORNAX will show its abilities to suit for applications intermediate to research and industry. Since priority is first to create avenues for new materials of advanced applications, AURIGA is introduced to grind larger quantity of materials.

Nano powders

EGOMA provides especially synthesized nanopowders developed using indigenously invented and patented technologies. Read More..

Nano Powders

Nanopowders are widely characterized as materials having its size and features less than 100 nanometers in the powder form. EGOMA provides especially synthesized nanopowders developed using indigenously invented and patented technologies. Nanopowders provided by us have potential for research and industrial applications in the area of medicine, ceramics, manufacturing and electronics.


Consultancy Services

We also provide here various characterization and material testing facilities which can be the basis of further engineering and scientific judgments. Read More..

Consultancy Services

Failure Analysis of Materials :
We provide insights (at both macro and micro level) as well as solutions to materials under various operational conditions.

Design Related Issues :
We design help to develop the appropriate models for the real life materials related problems. We have vast expertise in such kinds of problems. One such successful project was the TMRS project funded by Ministry of Railways to develop superior quality wheels.

Computational Material Science :
We also provide computational solutions to materials related problems such as microstructural modeling, calculations related to grain and particle sizes, as well as prediction of structure and properties. We have expertise in various computational tools such finite elements modeling, discrete element modeling and general proficiency computer programming.

Materials Testing & Characterization
We can provide advice on the appropriate use of characterization techniques for different classes of materials for various

Applications. We have vast expertise in the following testing and characterization techniques:
* Mechanical testing of materials (tension, compression, hardness, impact)
* Structural characterization using X-ray diffraction (XRD), Thermal analysis (DTA /TGA / DSC), electron microscopy (SEM and TEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Raman spectroscopy
* Optical Characterization
* Magnetic Characterization
* Various Electrical Characterization Methods (current-voltage, dielectric and ferroelectric)
* Non-Destructive Testing

Development of Novel / Alternative Manufacturing Techniques
With constant involvement with research and development, we have skill sets for developing novel materials and methodologies for a variety of materials related to cutting tool technologies, biomedical applications, electronic device applications and structural applications.

Customized Manufacturing

We are committed to help such research students in towards their experimental set-ups getting erected in reasonable time. Read More..


EGOMA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (ETPL) is dedicated to manufacture and market nanomaterials and scientific equipments and at the same time it also promises to provide knowledge based service in the expressed area.